How to Generate sales for your Product/Service Through Digital Marketing

The ultimate objective of digital marketing is to generate revenue through various activities like social media, reputation management, search engine optimization, search engine management. Digital marketers are striving for greatness when it comes to digital success. Regular evolution through experiments and experiences are the key point behind any digital success. With that, you never ignore that people who come to your website are not having a mindset of a buyer. According to a survey, only 4% of the people are wanted to buy something rest 96% are just surfing the Internet and getting the information. However, according to the one survey, companies that are brilliant in the field of lead generation are successful in generating 50% more sales at more than 30% lower investment.

So how do they getting more leads and eventually making more revenue? We at ACSIUS Technologies, have a great experience of each medium to generate leads. Here’re the main points that we always follow to run a successful lead generation campaign.

Never underestimate the strength of social media

As one of the leading digital marketing agency in Delhi and India, we at ACSIUS Technologies, believe that social media could be the lead generation platform for your clients and business. If you use social media smartly, then you can have a great result through the social media marketing. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest are most popular and most revenue generating social media channel for startups. Among them, Facebook and LinkedIn are successful in giving us results. Based on your products, service, and industry you have to choose which social media network works perfectly for you. According to one social Survey, we are currently living in an era where 50% of the population spends more time on social media. Thus, it is needless to say that social media is the best medium or channel where you would get more and new customers easily.

SEM and SEO are game changers

It is most profitable if you integrate SEM and SEO in your digital market campaigning. Please note that this digital marketing strategy would work differently for different startups based on your products and services you can have a search engine marketing campaign to increase, sales, leads, install apps, make buy, fill the forms or generate leads for newsletters.

Email marketing

By using email marketing, you can reach to your audience very quickly. You can also broadcast offers, discounts and let the people know about your new product or service, etc. If you have a strong database, the effect of email marketing exceeds each of the other channels.

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